Ingela Ratledge

Ingela Ratledge

Freelance Writer and Editor

Lifestyle/entertainment/pop culture journalist. Former staff editor for Us Weekly, Life & Style and TV Guide. Clips: Cosmopolitan, Health, More, Real Simple, Self, Square Meal, TV Guide, Woman's Day.

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The Best Anti-Aging Secrets

The best internal and external anti-aging secrets....

Open uri20140716 30372 1i97p5z article

Get Slim for Good!

Know the golden rules to a feel-great weight....

Open uri20140716 30372 olyhni article

3 Fresh Ways to Control Cravings

Splurge more and you just may lose more. Here's the secret....

Open uri20140716 30372 bwg13u article

Cheat-Proof Your Diet

The surprisingly simple way to conquer temptation for good....

Open uri20140716 30372 ik145m article

4 Strategies for Keeping the Weight Off for Good

Improve those odds for keeping the weight off with these four strategies....

Open uri20140716 30372 gbbird article

How to Stock a Slimming Kitchen

Never have time to cook? Stock your kitchen this way to keep the pounds away....

Open uri20140716 30372 uku697 article

3 Ways to Indulge Without Gaining a Pound

Great ways to enjoy holiday food without ruining your diet...

Open uri20140716 30372 1r40h88 article

Help Us Reach Our Feel Great Weight

Learn how to reach your Feel Great Weight with our expert diet and exercise plans....

Stringio article

How to Skinny Up Your Wardrobe as You Slim Down

Learn how to flaunt your new shape as you look great losing weight....

Stay Slim for Good

After seven months of hard work, the three readers on our Feel Great Weight program are ready to unveil their downsized bods and supercharged outlooks. Weve asked our Dream Team to share their top tips for how to make that success last....

Open uri20140716 4376 263zv article

A Cardio Plan That Takes Off the Weight

Interval cardio workouts to reach your feel great weight....