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Ingela Ratledge

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Lifestyle/entertainment/pop culture journalist. Former staff editor for Us Weekly, Life & Style and TV Guide. Clips: Cosmopolitan, Health, More, Real Simple, Self, Square Meal, TV Guide, Woman's Day.

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110607mag curtis stone1 article

Cooking With Curtis Stone

Even if you don't know how to boil water, odds are you've caught celebrity chef Curtis Stone making one of his frequent appearances on the Today show, schooling The Biggest Loser's contestants about t…...

110815anthony bourdain1 article

A Night Out With Anthony Bourdain

In his role as a professional eater and drinker on Travel Channel's No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain's omnivorous bacchanals across the globe have become the stuff of foodie legend. So I braced myself for our meal at NYC's Takashi, a Japanese/Korean restaurant that's known for specialties like beef heart and flash-boiled...

Open uri20140716 4376 1nox6se article

Amy Schumer Gears Up for Season 2 of Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer

Either Amy Schumer is the most modest woman in show business — or else she needs to have her hearing checked. Consider the facts: The 32-year-old's surprise Comedy Central hit, Inside Amy Schumer, is entering its sophomore season with a rabid following. Like Schumer herself, the series — a kinetic...

110512mag nickofferman1 article

A Night Out with Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman

What's better than breakfast meat and smoother than the jazz stylings of Duke Silver? That'd be Nick Offerman, the Parks and Recreation star who so brilliantly embodies Ron Swanson — director of…...

121101mag sharon osbourne julie chen1 300x206 article

A Day Out With The Talk's Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne

On paper, Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne — the queen bees of CBS' girly gabfest The Talk — couldn't be more different. Chen, a pedigreed journalist, spent years rising up the ranks at The Early Show and hosting Big Brother. Osbourne, meanwhile, has passed the last decade-plus morphing from music...

141203mag peter pan live1 210x305 article

On the Set: Peter Pan Takes Flight on Live TV

Magic is in the air on the Bethpage, Long Island, set of the upcoming production of Peter Pan Live! Make that magic realism. The show's titular lead, Allison Williams, is using a break in rehearsal to survey her surroundings. An ecstatic grin spreads across her face, making her nearly unrecognizable...

120105mag andy cohen1 article

A Day In The Life of Bravo's Andy Cohen

It's after 9pm at the Bravo Clubhouse, the downtown Manhattan studio where Andy Cohen tapes his talk show, Watch What Happens: Live. The 43-year-old — who pulls double duty as exec vice president of talent and development for the network — has been going nonstop since 7:30am. He has......

Open uri20140716 30372 1fk78qz article

John Oliver Previews New HBO Late-Night Series Last Week Tonight

John Oliver would like you to know that nobody is more surprised than he is that he has landed his own show on HBO. While he may not be a household name just yet, when Last Week Tonight With John Oliver — a satirical weekly news program — premieres on...

Open uri20140716 30372 1d0mdqi article

Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer Prepare for The Sound of Music Live

Imagine for a moment that it's Thursday at 8pm. You innocently turn on your TV and flip to NBC, thinking maybe you'll catch an episode of Parks and Recreation. Instead, you encounter what is surely destined to be one of the most curious, ambitious and generally nutso undertakings in recent...

120416mag new girl1 article

A Day Out With the Guys From New Girl

Truth be told, Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris don't exactly come across as guys who'd frequent a fancy barbershop — the sort of post-ironic place where straight-razor shaves are administered by hipsters at $40 a pop. But when they gather at L.A.'s Baxter Finley early on a Saturday...

Open uri20140716 30372 18gi6wd article

A Day Out With The Good Wife's Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry doesn't like to lose. As Cary Agos — The Good Wife's deliciously multidimensional assistant state's attorney with a grudge — Czuchry (pronounced zoo-cree) displays a fierce competitive streak. In person, the actor, 33, isn't much different — as he was only too happy to demonstrate over several merciless...

Open uri20140716 30372 42uk90 article

Andy Cohen Dishes on Five Years of Watch What Happens Live

It's the little late-night talk show that could. Next week, Watch What Happens Live — the kooky, wildly unpredictable chat-fest hosted by Andy Cohen — marks its fifth year on the air. That's no small feat, considering its very humble beginning as a shoestring web series anchored by a largely...

Open uri20140728 13964 57sbh article

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato Get Ready to Rock

Reaching the set of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam — tucked away in the wilderness about an hour outside of Toronto — requires passing through three separate security checkpoints manned by armed Mounties. It seems a little absurd, right up until a paparazzo darts out of the woods or...

Open uri20140716 30372 zs9b40 article

A Night Out With Psych's Dule Hill

He may not be a megastar or a tabloid staple, but for the past 13 years, Dulé Hill has been busy quietly pulling off a showbiz coup: appearing back-to-back in two uncommonly long-running and beloved TV series, first for seven seasons as Charlie Young on The West Wing and now...

Open uri20140716 4376 1vgnls2 article

Spring Preview: Jennifer Morrison on What's Next for Once Upon a Time's Emma

If you need your memory jogged about the ongoing plight of Once Upon a Time's fairy-tale menagerie, you're not alone. When the series returns after its hiatus, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and her son, Henry (Jared Gilmore), are enjoying an uncharacteristically tranquil existence in present-day New York City — with zero...